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The logo of Méa The Tiled Kingdom, featuring 7 orbs and an open book.

Méa: The Tiled Kingdom is a card game like no other developed by Jacob Worgan, Rhys Barrett, Georgij Liasenko, and Tom Malins, from 2014 to 2018, that puts a lot more emphasis on the board you're playing on. Through careful tactics (and a bit of luck) you can sway the tide of battle in your favour. Make a deck from over 500 cards to suit your play style, to lead to victory and control the tiles. However, if this is getting too serious for you, don't worry, because thanks to our light-hearted illustrations (provided mostly by Jacob Worgan) and comical descriptions, you can have a bit of a laugh.

How to Play

And how not to play, I guess?

First thing you need to do is find a friend who can play Méa, has a deck of cards and 9 tiles. You will also need about 20 minutes spare and a deck and 9 tiles for yourself (make sure they're different coloured tiles!).

Decks will consist of anywhere between 18-40 cards. A small deck allows for more refined gameplay and you'll be more likely to draw your very best cards, or the specific cards needed for an amazing combination to win on the spot. A large deck allows for the addition of cards to specifically counter others and enables a gameplan that stretches out the game and starves your opponent's smaller deck of monsters to play.

Before you start both players draw at least 1 card each (can draw as many as they want, but they’ll instantaneously lose if they have 11 or more in their hand).

The initial game board of Méa, featuring a 3 by 3 grid of tiles 4 coloured yellow and five blue.

The board set-up.

The person who goes second is blue.

Meet The Characters

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