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C++ Unreal project, using a procedural mesh to draw a growing plant. The plant uses an L-System based implementation, and can sense soil nutrients & water, temperature, and surrounding plants.

March 2021

Solo Project

Undergraduate Degree: Research & Development Project

HARVEY is a tool written in Unreal Engine 4 C++ to allow the developer to create dynamic l-system plants that grow over time.

Final Project Report

Game Gardening System with Player Influenced Plant Growth
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Plants grow based on meristematic growth (growth at the tips of branches) and lateral width-wise growth. Plants have a set of needs (sunlight, water, nutrients) that each need to be fulfilled or the plant will start to die. Some water and nutrients can also be stored by the plant. Plants can be planted onto soil volumes which have to be maintained and watered to give the plants its needs through roots, although roots also absorb less if they overlap with other roots or go outside the bounds of the soil volume.

University, Undergraduate, Tool, Unreal Engine 4, C++

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