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New Art: Sword Teeth

Hi again, my year-and-a-half long absence is over and I am here to announce a new thing I have made, and also announce that more will be coming soon. Some of my university work is already on the site, but I'll be adding more, and also making updates and blogs of, many of them.

To start, the new thing I promised: a new piece of art! This is a redrawing of a classing Méa character from the Athaaso days, now rendered in loving HD. It's fun to see how I've progressed in my art over the years like this. This type of stuff definitely hasn't been a massive focus for me as my university work is all 3D work, but I'm exited to be getting back to 2D with some digital art. And there will be more Méa updates quite soon.

Anyway, that's about it for now, enjoy the art and stay tuned for the next blog post.

- Jacob

// Left: new Sword Teeth; Right: old Méa Sword Teeth.

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